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Welcome to my blog!


I hope this writing finds you well. Welcome to my online portfolio and musings. I wanted to introduce myself for those that do not know me and perhaps add a little something extra to those that do. My journey is a long winding one - like many journeys i suppose. But I am so happy that even though it took a while, my journey at this point is landing here, sharing my art with you. My background is in psychology and art therapy, but my heart is in art. As I have heard, we sometimes pursue things that we think will somehow help us on our journey and I think going into art therapy was one of those things for me. I believe in the power of art making - what it can do to our well being and our souls.

As I continue on this journey of mine, I want to share my experience so that hopefully others can benefit. I will liken this blog to a diary of sorts, a sounding board for thoughts and ideas. A reminder that we are the ones we have been waiting for...for everything we need is within.

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