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Starting Again...

Before change comes, we have to take a hard look at ourselves - without judgement or criticism, but instead with compassion and empathy - look at our fears, what makes us sad, examine it, look at the pattern of when those feelings arise, and learn to let go of that need to go back to that very same fear and sadness. We like to hold on to things that do not serve us - things that hold us back and limit us.

I am on a mission to let go. On many levels. Here, I will talk about art. I reached inside and asked myself, why do I make art? I love creating - and the process of creating art continuously pushes me to look at myself and push past the voice that tells me that I am terrible artist, that I suck at it... it pushes me to pick myself up and start all over again when i am successful at it and when I am not. It humbles me when I make something I think is great and someone else thinks its not...nothing else does that to me, except myself. Art making forces me to live in the now without being caught up in extraneous thoughts. Art making presents me with a blank canvas all the time - I always have the opportunity to start again. One day that will not be so, and this is ever present in my mind especially after my brother's death. That is the gift his death brought to me - the push I needed to follow my heart.

Right now I feel like I am receiving downloads of information - from everywhere...I am taking courses, trying to perfect my craft...and in doing so I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I have found so many sources of inspiration. If you are an art maker like me or you just love art I hope you follow my journey. Right now I am heavily into J.M.W. Turner for oil painting and watercolor inspiration and Isaac Levitan for oil painting and color...(below is a picture of his work I am using for inspiration) please look them up when you have a chance.

That's it for now...until next time!

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